[aur-general] Account Suspended, No Reason Given

shoober420 shoober420 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 05:19:45 UTC 2018

I'm not debating against those incidents, but pointing out that they
should NOT be glamorized, and portray me as bad. They shouldn't
foreshadow and undermine all the good I have done. What I'm saying
here is that all my contribution heavily outweighs all these
incidents, and some incidents being wrongly assumed because of my past
as being a "help vampire".

Towards the end, I did most definitely go to the wiki, google, and
look at man pages and didn't find clear answers. Although because of
my past, they were automatically viewed and labeled as "help vampiric"
because of my ealier postings when I first started using Arch. A clear
example, in this discussion, someone accusing me of not contacting the
"sdl2-hg" package maintainer, and trying to use that against me, when
I for certain did over half a year ago, AND flagged the lib32-sdl2-hg
package in the same time frame. He obviously orphaned it, no question.

If you really want to try and belittle me for these incidents, instead
of remember me for the good I have done, what does that say about you?
I essentially paved the way for the "libudev0-shim" package, which was
created by a Gentoo user who I was speaking with in that GitHub issue,
that is now part of the Arch OFFICIAL repository. But you're going to
sit here and and bring forth all these "bad" things I've done, and
down right say things like I'm "persona non grata"?

Whatever dude.

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