[aur-general] ?==?utf-8?q? Account Suspended, No Reason Given

Deon Spengler deon at spengler.co.za
Sun Nov 4 12:14:15 UTC 2018

Hi shoober420,

I am not a TU and I have only recently this week subscribed to this mailing list.

When looking at a situation of conflict, I try to put my self in the view point of both
parties involved.

Let's try and objectively review what has transpired. 

The package was only flagged out-of-date on (2018-11-02) and you have submitted
multiple orphan requests on the same day or shortly their after with no information
pointing to you following the guide lines of  "By submitting an orphan request, you
ask a Trusted User to disown the package base. Please only do this if the package needs
maintainer action, the maintainer is MIA and you already tried to contact the maintainer previously"

I am not saying that you did not try but from the TU point of view that is reviewing
your request this is not evident. Replying with 'YO I GOT THIS FOR REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAL',
was not appropriate as there was no reason for shouting.

With regards to your humor, you state the following is humor, 'Yo I got this my dude.'
However when the TU responds to you in the same type of humor 
'come back with a better request, my dude',  you see it as being disrespectful.
My suggestion would be is maybe in the future try and refrain from this type of humor.

Even if you feel that you are being attacked, attacking others very seldom helps to
de-escalate a situation. Not saying that you cant debate your point of view but
try and stay on point with original disagreement.

To conclude, yes you could argue that he TU should have responded differently to you,
but with that said the same could be said about your original request. Untimely I feel
that the TU in this situation was right and I would have pretty much done the same. 

I feel at this point everything that needs to be said on this topic has been highlighted
and there is no more benefit in going over points that has already been covered.

Shoober420, I suggest take what has transpired as a learning exercise and wait for
your 1 week ban to pass, it is not a long time to wait. None of us are perfect and there
will also be something that we can learn.

We are all here because we love Arch Linux and the Arch Linux community. Looking forward
to interacting with you all.

Best regards


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