[aur-general] TU application: Maxim Baz

Maxim Baz archlinux at maximbaz.com
Tue Nov 6 22:14:12 UTC 2018

Thanks Levente! A lot of little gems, will take care of these as well.

> But before we start, can't resist mumbling a small 'meh' for all this
> non build content hosted in the AUR. meh.

meh taken, meh addressed! Both tools live on Github now :P

> kak-lsp:
> - someone should push a non git go-langserver so this packages doesn't
>   need to recommend an optdepends on a git package

That someone is me, but the developers of go-langserver aren't good at
making periodic releases. I'm trying to change this, but right now the
time has not come for non-git package yet. Hopefully soon!

However, I've just realized that -git package provides "go-langserver",
so it should be okay for kak-lsp to depend on "go-langserver" directly.

> rmtrash
> - ok at least im sure this .install classifies as not mandatory
>   for a package to work, right? :P

You've got me here :) This .install file indeed has nothing to do about
making the package work, thus removing.

Maxim Baz

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