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Brett Cornwall brett at i--b.com
Thu Nov 8 00:41:06 UTC 2018

On 11/05/18 07:48pm, Levente Polyak via aur-general wrote:
>some small questions and hints first:

I'm nearly done with following your excellent suggestions but I have 
responses and questions.

>It looks like several packages have different issues preventing to build
>in clean chrooted environments properly. Did you take a look at the
>devtools package and building packages in clean chroots so far?

I must sheepishly apologize. These new tools simplify everything.

>What software/tool do you using to track all the new ustream releases?

urlwatch on a daily timer.

>You still seem to use `mksrcinfo` for generating SRCINFO files, it was
>deprecated in favor of native `makepkg --printsrcinfo` you may want to
>use that in the future.

Thank you, switched!

>I have noticed that mostly all git packages lack sufficient
>provides/conflicts on the basic non-git name schema and/or makedepends
>on git itself, would be nice to keep in mind

A silly oversight that will be enforced now that I'm learned in the 
ways of proper tooling.

>Also i notices there are multiple packages that store a tarball in the
>AUR source repo that contain things like icons, please don't miss-use
>the AUR as a storage for tarball artifacts.

I should have known better and - at the very least - removed them before 
submitting my application. I've taken care of nearly all of them and 
have bowed my head in shame.

>- don't think pkgdesc should ever end with a dot

The descriptions are often sentences, so would it not reason to end them 
with a period?

>- not a big fan of fiddling with PKGEXT even if its "just the AUR" but 

For a package destined for the repositories I would not fiddle and 
endeavor to reverse such fiddling; however, the compression time for 
large games is enormous only to decompress right after. Should it, for 
the sake of correct-ness, be reversed even for the packages doomed 
forever to live in the AUR?

>- is there a reason to have interception- prefix? imo ctrl2esc-git would
>  be the better naming here plus provides/conflicts on ctrl2esc

I normally agree (and I originally had it named that way), however...

- This is an 'interception tools' plugin... not reason enough to have the package name change, but..
- caps2esc is an older X program, so interception's variant had to be 
named 'interception-caps2esc'. Naming this 'interception-ctrl2esc' 
follows the pattern for consistency/less confusion.

With that said, should it still be named ctrl2esc?
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