[aur-general] chroot clean building and "http 429"

hagar hagar at iinet.net.au
Thu Nov 15 12:49:20 UTC 2018

G'Day all,

I have been rebuilding all my packages properly in a clean chroot.

I wwas writing a smaill script to put all the packages in order and I 
accidentaly got "http 429".

Any Idea how long that lasts? - I figured out what caused it and fixed 
it. ( damned thing wasnt querying the PKGBUILDS but going online ).

But my main question is how do you get around a circular dependancy. eg.

mingw-w64-harfbuzz depends on - mingw-w64-freetype2

mingw-w64-freetype2 depends on -mingw-w64-harfbuzz

You cant build one unless the other is already built.

Is this allowed ?



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