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Maxim Baz archlinux at maximbaz.com
Mon Oct 29 19:00:25 UTC 2018

Thanks, to you and to everyone who has already reached out to me on IRC,
it is a pleasure to meet all of you!

>> ...
>> Also, as a TU I want to help finishing TODO "BUILDINFO rebuild" [4]
>> if it's not completed earlier.
> Sadly, or thankfully - depending on how you look at it ;) - the BUILDINFO
> rebuild is pretty much outside of our control as TUs, as almost all
> remaining packages are outside of [community].
> All except for cinnamon-desktop and cjs, that is. *nudge @eschwartz*

I see, well I'm happy to hear this :)
>> - wire-desktop (76): End-to-end encrypted messaging app that works on Windows,
>> Linux, Mac, Android and iPhone. It is free, open-source and available
>> on Github. Although I'm co-maintaining this package on AUR, I was mostly
>> focused on contributing to the project itself: I added proper emoji support
>> (following the latest Unicode standard), emoji autocomplete and improved
>> native notifications on Linux (show user pictures, set urgency hint).
> Another Electron app? oof...
> That one would have to be devendored first, anyways -
> right now it is using a bundled Electron :(
I'm not particularly happy with it being an Electron app myself, but it's
a great app nonetheless. The developers clearly said they hear the feedback,
but they have no time to rewrite it. There have been community efforts to 
create a Qt client, but unfortunately nobody is actively looking into it :(

Good catch about de-vendoring, I took a note, thank you.

>> - gocryptfs (18): Encrypted overlay filesystem, an alternative for encfs.
> Just curious - how does this differ to ecryptfs? 

I have to admin I'm not an expert, but this looks like an interesting comparison:

Personally I came across it when I was looking for a cross-platform solution
that I could safely sync via cloud across multiple machines, and gocryptfs 
proved to be working very well :)

> - ttf-emojione (33): Colorful emoji font from EmojiOne. I created a Docker
> image that is able to compile the font out of image assets, and configured a
> Travis job for EmojiOne team so that the font is automatically being compiled
> on every commit and attached to every Github release.

Just as a final note, heftig on IRC pointed out that EmojiOne license
will probably not allow us to distribute the font. I'm trying to get hold of
anyone in EmojiOne team to confirm, but until further notice
**ttf-emojione will remain on AUR**.

Maxim Baz

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