[aur-general] IJulia and Julia library/module packages

Jonathon Fernyhough jonathon at manjaro.org
Sun Sep 2 17:13:31 UTC 2018

Hello everyone.

Julia [1], a scientific/numerical computing-focussed programming
language, recently went 1.0.

It primarily focuses on user-local module installation (into
$HOME/.julia), similar to conda, rustup, zef, etc. This is obviously
fine for individuals but not great for deployment on a larger scale.
Currently, no distributions that I'm aware of (i.e. Debian, Fedora,
Gentoo, Arch) package modules for system-wide installation.

I spent a few hours this afternoon putting together a package chain for
IJulia [2] (which adds a Julia back-end/kernel to Jupyter).

As there's no precedent or approach (I'm aware of) for system-wide Julia
module installation I'm looking for some testing and feedback to ensure
this approach will operate in an equivalent way to the standard
Pkg.add("IJulia"). From the limited testing I've done IJulia _appears_
to work OK but I've not tried anything particularly fancy.

I'm also interested in any general PKGBUILD feedback, including any
depends which should be makedepends or checkdepends. If you find an easy
way to tell what should be what then I'm all ears!

Of particular note is the very hacky way of creating files which would
otherwise be generated by Pkg.build()... there _must_ be a cleaner way
of doing that.



[1] https://julialang.org/
[2] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/julia-ijulia

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