[aur-general] Questions about some of my packages being adopted in [community]

Felix Yan felixonmars at archlinux.org
Sun Sep 30 05:16:49 UTC 2018

On 9/30/18 3:57 AM, Konstantin Gizdov wrote:
> 3. The packages do not provide the same functionality as before, but
> conflict with the AUR ones.

I believe that is not true. I even enabled more functionality in
libafterimage, actually.

> 4. I wasn't told anything - my AUR package was deleted with a 'thanks for
> maintaining it' message.

That's a message I entered manually each time, with respect :)

> 5. I've reported a few bugs FS#6024{6,7,8}, but have been denied resolution.

I do not intend to package the python2 variant. For the other two, I
have replied in the tasks.

>  - Why?
>  - How many & which will be put into [community]?

I actually want to move the whole "root" tree, but considering its
number I just started with the easier "leaf" ones.

>  - How can I effectively communicate the nuts & bolts to the new
> maintenaners so to say, to make sure users still get what's expected?

By opening bugs or send me an email directly if it's urgent.

Sorry for the confusion and late reply, it was very late in my TZ when I
work on the packages.

Felix Yan

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