[aur-general] New bc

Yzena Tech yzena.tech at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 23:36:57 UTC 2019


I am the author of a new implementation of POSIX bc. (
https://github.com/gavinhoward/bc) It has all GNU extensions, so it can be
used to build the Linux kernel. In fact, it can be a drop-in replacement
for the GNU bc.

While I believe that my bc is robust enough to be used as the default bc on
Arch, I am under no illusion that that will happen right away, if at all.
Instead, I have made a PKGBUILD (attached) for my bc as an alternative. It
installs alongside the GNU bc without problem, since it is renamed as

This also includes a dc under "dc-gh".

Would there be interest in adding my bc as an Arch package?

Gavin Howard
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