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Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Mon Aug 5 22:31:20 UTC 2019

On 8/5/19 6:02 PM, Rhys Perry via aur-general wrote:
> I have a package (i3-gaps-rounded) and would like to rename it to
> i3-gaps-rounded-git in order to comply with standards. What would I have to
> add to the PKGBUILD of each packages in order to force people who have
> installed i3-gaps-rounded to move to i3-gaps-rounded-git?

Renaming the package is not sufficient to comply with the standards
anyway. Why does it clone a git repository in prepare() instead of using
the source=() array? Why does it then play strange games with git
archive, gzip and tar just to copy the source code from one directory to

Why does it use "pkgver=latest"?

Some of these are grounds for removing the package from the AUR. Please
read the entirety of
https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/VCS_package_guidelines and fix the
package entirely. If it is meant to download development versions, from
git master, then it *also* needs to be renamed, yes.

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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