[aur-general] kodi-devel-bin

Luca Weiss luca at z3ntu.xyz
Sat Aug 10 12:04:58 UTC 2019

Hi Pasha,

> It looks like to me that all kodi-devel packages are named wrong. For
> example kodi-devel-bin isn't binary package.

It looks like kodi-devel-bin is a subpackage of kodi-devel which contains 
kodi-x11 and kodi-xrandr, just like the kodi-bin package on [community] which 
is also a subpackage of kodi. So in this case, it's not a package with 
prebuilt binaries but just a conincidence that the package suffix is the same as 
what is being used for marking packages with prebuilt binaries.

> Is there some way to force renaming it?
> Regards, Pasha

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