[aur-general] Retiring my account, orphaning some packages

Aniket Pradhan aniket17133 at iiitd.ac.in
Wed Aug 14 14:41:02 UTC 2019

> thx a lot for announcung this rather than just dropping your packages.
Common courtesy, I guess :P

> I would offer to adopt `git-open-git`, since I'm using this one myself.
Transferred the ownership to you. :D
Take good care of it. :)

> In case that there would still be other packages left at the time you'll
> leave, I'd probably consider picking up some more.
Please do, in case there are any orphans left.

> Anyways, thank you for contributing to the AUR, and I hope we'll soon
> have you back !  ;D
The honor's all mine. I probably would not be coming any time soon
(unless I am able to scrap up my dad's old laptop) :P


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