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Hi -

On 6/13/19 8:57 PM, Gonçalo Pereira wrote:
> I get it that you're pissed off with me and I agreed with the reason that got me suspended and giving an overview of the requests I've made I can see how unproductive it was that kind of "contributions".
> At the moment it's just sad that I see a package broken or outdated and I can't even drop a comment calmly suggesting the change. I indeed got out of line but now I understand that this mailing list can serve to ask for opinions instead of just filing an orphan request. I don't plan to be a pain in the ass with the mailing list and I am not comfortable knowing that I am bothering you with this email.
> Overall I just mean that I understand that my way of interacting on AUR hasn't been all that great and even so I've been forgiven a lot.
> Hope you can understand my point.
> Best Regards,
> Gonçalo Pereira

I think this is actually worded fairly well, and (unlike some earlier mails) appears to be truly genuine.

It's been a few months.
I feel like you have improved since back then, and the other team members I've been chatting with share the same feeling
- we've come to the conclusion that we'll give you another chance.
This, however, is gonna be your last one - no warnings.

I'll unsuspend you at some point tomorrow (Friday, CEST), please use the remaining few hours of your suspension to reflect on this issue.

So, anyways, welcome back. And good (universal greeting time) night.

Rob (coderobe)

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