[aur-general] Trusted user application: Drew DeVault

Brett Cornwall brett at i--b.com
Wed Mar 6 16:04:31 UTC 2019

On 2019-03-06 17:27, Christos Nouskas wrote:
>This thread has started giving political correctness the bad name it
>deserves. Not so long ago another applicant had to go through a humiliating
>interrogation, strong words and insults included, and not many apologies
>were issued by his accusers; now some others are demanding (politically
>correctly, thankyouverymuch) from Drew DeVault to act as others before him
>Drew DeVault handled all that pressure with overly due composure and high
>professionalism, a strong token of his ethos, rarely found in some of his
>impeccable inquisitors, which obviously wasn't enough because they kept
>coming back for more. Even his sponsoring TUs had a hard time defending
>such an apparent felon.
>Next time, demand a copy of the applicant's juvenile criminal record, a
>signed forgiveness from the Vatican and a sworn statement of adherence to
>The Rules. Oh, and ten hand-written pages of "I shall be a good boy",
>because nobody wants to work with a degenerate like
>This whole "TU application" procedure has proven itself flawed because it
>allows anybody, in full impunity and immunity, to slander, bully and abuse
>applicants, to the point of making them regret they had applied in the
>first place.

I feel that by conflating applicant vetting with political correctness 
you're letting your own political viewpoints get in the way of a proper 
applicant screening. Some of the criteria of a TU involve interfacing 
with the community; What users will think of Arch. How is it 'political 
correctness' to judge fitness of a position based on past behavior? I 
agree that he held himself well during the application process... but 
anyone that's been in a hiring position can tell you that applicants can 
be very good at hiding their faults when in a position of scrutiny. 
That's the process, after all: Applicants dress themselves up and the 
hiring staff look for the cracks.

The TUs with questionable behavior are being discussed at this very 
moment - how can you suggest that DeVault was given unfair treatment? 
Just because a developer is well-known doesn't mean that they're fit for 
every role.

Please provide examples of bullying and slander towards the applicant 
during the TU process. Addressing each instance would be helpful in 
dissecting the issue. As a recent TU addition, I felt that my 
"inquisitors" treated me quite well during the process.
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