[aur-general] Are AUR VCS packages that depend on AUR VCS packages from other projects a good idea and who should decide on that ?

Bruno Pagani bruno.n.pagani at gmail.com
Fri May 3 15:44:44 UTC 2019

Le 03/05/2019 à 17:32, Eli Schwartz a écrit :
> On 5/3/19 11:25 AM, Bruno Pagani wrote:
>> Yes, and he can solves that by *pinning a comment telling so*. ;)
> Pinning a comment telling people how to get the default expected User
> Experience in a non-default way, sucks.

Not “the default”. LW’s vision of default. And apparently not
necessarily upstream one since all this started because an upstream dev
asked for the other use case to be published.

> The package maintainer thinks that the average user will dislike the
> resulting default default user experience, will experience crashes, will
> experience missing features, etc. -- and as a result the package
> maintainer has *flatly* refused under any and all circumstances to
> continue maintaining the package that he has, apparently, been
> maintaining to many peoples' satisfaction, for the last four years.
> Apparently, he *really* thinks that that is a bad idea and an inferior
> mesa-git experience.

I still think that you would get a better user experience even for this
case by telling the users explicitely that this depends on llvm-git.
Because else, people would install mesa-git once, which will pull
llvm-git as a dependency and build it for this only time, and any
subsequent user update of mesa-git to get newer features might results
in this sub-par experience he seems afraid of because gradually their
installed llvm-git will get old if they don’t realize they need to
update both. That’s why I’m against any sort of PKGBUILD imposed dep on
a -git package without a pinned comment telling why. And the only way to
be sure that the user will read it if they use the -git dependency, is
either that this dependency is absolutely required (because e.g. it does
not compile without it or does not run, in which cases listing it in
depends is OK), or that they have to read this first to realize they can
and maybe should swap the standard dep with the -git one.


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