[aur-general] TU application: kpcyrd

kpcyrd kpcyrd at rxv.cc
Fri Sep 20 20:09:31 UTC 2019


My name is kpcyrd and I'm applying to become a Trusted User with anthraxx', sangys and jelles sponsorship.

I'm interested in rust, defensive programming and offensive security tooling. Open source became an essential part of my life at some point and the idea of contributing back to the community that gave me so much for free kept me going the last few years.

I worked as both a software and IT security engineer in the past and I currently do a combination of both as a contractor.


# How I started using linux

- Started with linux by trying to remaster knoppix in 2010 for a while
- Wiped my laptop in 2011 and installed debian with no way of return since it  was my only computer at that time
- First successful Arch Linux install I did was by helping a friend in 2013
- Eventually migrated to Arch Linux myself in 2015 due to anthraxx
- I currently run a combination of Arch Linux, debian and openbsd at home and on servers

# How I contributed to the opensource community in the past

(somewhat chronological)

- Too many pull requests (stopped counting a long time ago)
- Assisted debian-security with some issues (redis, mongodb and xul-ext-wot)
- Wrote some PKGBUILDs that got moved into community
- Revived http://tests.reproducible-builds.org/archlinux/
- Packaged software for alpine, brew and openbsd
- Packaged about 1/3 of the rust packages in debian
- Co-authored the current reproducible builds rebuilder prototype with NYU
- Recently became a debian maintainer (while running Arch Linux)

# AUR packages

I maintain a few packages in the AUR, the most relevant that I would like to maintain in community at some point are:

- diesel_cli
- cargo-tree
- cargo-fuzz
- cargo-crev
- python-fints
- python-mt-940
- python-sepaxml

I'm also interested in co-maintaining reprotest and some of the packages anthraxx currently maintains for me.

# Community packages I wrote or contributed to

- cjdns
- go-ipfs
- alacritty
- reprotest
- sniffglue
- badtouch
- rshijack
- sn0int

# Upstream for the following packages in Arch Linux

- sniffglue
- badtouch
- rshijack
- sn0int


Thanks for taking the time reading this,


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