[aur-general] Why keeping OpenRC related packages on AUR?

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Mon Sep 16 17:04:42 UTC 2019

Le lun. 16 sept. 2019 à 18:57, Eli Schwartz via aur-general
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> On 9/16/19 12:38 PM, fredbezies via aur-general wrote:
> > Indeed! I just remember some manjaro related packages to be deleted
> > because they were using manjaro dependencies in some ways.
> Well, if the package in question can only be run on Manjaro (or only
> makes sense to run on manjaro), then that is probably an issue. On the
> other hand, we encourage users of derivative distributions to contribute
> to the AUR as long as their contributions are also able to be used on
> Arch Linux.

Sometimes AUR needs a little cleanup. But as long as added packages
can be useful for every single Archlinux user... :D

> For example, https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?K=manjaro
> These are mostly themes, but nothing says they cannot be used on Arch
> Linux too.

I noticed that. Even if some themes are... Well, ugly? :D

Only one which doesn't look like a theme is this 2 years long outdated
compiz port:


> And many AUR maintainers add archlinuxarm support for their packages (in
> fact, I do this for pacman-git myself) -- as long as it *also* compiles
> for x86_64, this is fine.
> Some parabola users historically maintained e.g. linux-libre -- this is
> fine too, Arch users can run this kernel if they want, it's a valid
> kernel...

If your hardware can run it, of course :D

> > Some projects are directly based on these technologies, providing
> > their own repository. I thought it was simpler to use directly ISO
> > from these projects.
> But maybe someone wants to use those technologies with Arch. :)

If they want to make their lifes harder, why not?

> >
> > I'm a 10 years long Archlinux user, who had known Archlinux 0.7x
> > ISO... Good old /etc/rc.conf times... Or not!
> Then you are entitled to Arch Linux support for those Arch systems,
> regardless of which AUR packages you install on them (even the ones
> which bring back /etc/rc.conf). ;)

Well... I'm too used to systemd config files now :D

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