[aur-general] Removing py2 (make-)dependency vs. keeping py2 features ?

Georg g.schlisio at dukun.de
Thu Aug 27 15:26:30 UTC 2020

Am 27.08.2020 17:01, schrieb Kr1ss via aur-general:
> I'm not sure about this anyways, especially in regard to the official
> `pycharm-community-edition` package in the `community` repo, which
> does still depend on `python2-setuptools` at build time. Hence my
> query to the mailing list asking for opinions/recommendations how I
> should handle this. Any thoughts are welcome.

I feel that Arch always has been a progressive distro and we should move 
on from Python2.
But: don't make it too hard for people patching in the required feature. 
Basically just comment out what is needed and write an explanation on 
how to reenable it. This way it is out of the way of those who don't use 
Py2 anymore, but quickly available for those still in need of it.
This is a bit different for binary repos, where everything is build in a 
clean chroot and (if I understand correctly) running it does not depend 
on py2 as long as you don't use the feature.


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