[aur-general] updated AUR intel-opencl-runtime, needs gmm/igc updates

Nick Black dankamongmen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 18:34:01 UTC 2020

(i sent this to arch-dev originally by mistake; apologies for
 any duplicates you might receive)

I took over the quite out-of-date intel-opencl-runtime, and
updated it from 1: to the current (released
2020-06-04) 1:20.26.17199 from
Along the way, I cleaned up the packaging a good deal (IMHO).

Unfortunately, this is not going to fly without an update to two
packages in community:


  gmmlib needs 20.1.1 -> 20.2.2
  igc needs 1.0.3899 -> 1.0.4241

Until these two are updated, use of intel-opencl-runtime 20.X is
likely to fail, with errors like the following:

  [grimes](0) $ clinfo
  Abort was called at 42 line in file:
  Aborted (core dumped)
  [grimes](134) $

When I hand-built the newer gmmlib and IGC, however, clinfo once
again works fine, and reflects the current version. I'm happy to
prepare the necessary patches, but have never contributed to
community before, and thought I ought post here first.

nick black -=- https://www.nick-black.com
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you need first invent a universe.

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