[aur-general] updated AUR intel-opencl-runtime, needs gmm/igc updates

Nick Black dankamongmen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 20:06:57 UTC 2020

Daniel Bermond via aur-general left as an exercise for the reader:
> This package seems to be a pre-compiled variant (-bin) of repository
> intel-compute-runtime. If so, it should be renamed to
> intel-compute-runtime-bin.

Great point; thanks for the heads-up. I'll see if the source can
be grabbed, and if so, move to that. If it's unavailable, or I
can't get it packaged up, I'll execute the rename (this was my
first update of a package I took over).

> There is a known bug in gcc 10.1 that prevents us from updating igc. The
> bug is already fixed in gcc git master, and the fix is marked to be
> included in gcc 10.2, which in turn most likely will be released in late
> july or august if we consider the historical gcc release schedule.

Thanks for the information. I'm not sure how much the obsolete
version of the package was being used; if it was in wide use,
I'm sure I'll get some bugreports, and I'll back up to a release
from earlier this year. Otherwise, I'm inclined to wait for the
gcc update.

> For the time being, if you really need updated versions of gmmlib and
> igc, you can try to use intel-gmmlib-git and intel-graphics-compiler-bin
> from the AUR.

Thanks for the pointer, Daniel! Hopefully I'll be able to
rebuild the sources against the Arch community versions of
libgmm/libigc, and that'll fix things up.

I personally don't need any particular version; I'm just trying
to pitch in on Arch, and as an HPC guy, the unloved Intel OpenCL
packages seemed a good place to start =].

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