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hashworks mail at hashworks.net
Mon Jun 8 16:49:14 UTC 2020

Hi Jonas,

> I have had a quick look over your AUR packages and found some issues

Thanks, fixed! 

> zimwriterfs: [...] the upstream repository has recently been
> archived in favour of "zim-tools".

Good catch! I've created a new AUR package for "zim-tools". However,
the current release does not yet include zimwriterfs, so I'll wait with
the `replaces` tag until the next version.

> I like the sound of that! Out of curiosity, do you trigger builds for
> every upstream commit of VCS packages, or is it linked to committing
> new revisions of a PKGBUILD file?

GitLab allows to create webhooks that trigger builds for a specific
ref. Additionally one can provide variables in the request that appear
in the pipeline. Currently I'm using IFTTT to trigger a webhook
whenever a new GitHub release of a package is available (ATOM feed) –
I'm planing to replace that in the near future so I don't depend on a
third party service. Additionally some pipelines trigger other
pipelines when a rebuild (pkgrel increase) is required.

Naturally new commits to the repositories (as in, changes to the
PKGBUILD files) trigger the pipelines as well.

Best Regards
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