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Tim Meusel tim at bastelfreak.de
Mon Nov 2 09:04:55 UTC 2020


On 02.11.20 05:31, Brett Cornwall wrote:
> On 2020-10-18 17:39, Tim Meusel via aur-general wrote:
>> [...]
> It's great that you'd like to improve the quality of the Ruby ecosystem!
> Do you have any experience with documentation? I think it'd be nice to
> have someone experienced make sure the Ruby/Puppet documentation is up
> to snuff.

I think writing documentation is an essential part of maintaining
packages or any open source project. Nobody will use a project, no
matter how good it is, if it's lacking documentation. I am confident
enough to document Arch Linux related stuff about Puppet/facter/choria.
I don't have the same amount of experience with Ruby applications in
general, I'm mostly following what anthraxx recommended me as packaging
guidelines. But I'm happy to keep the documentation up2date as well and
write down some common pitfalls and best practices.

> Are you also interested in maintaining any other types of packages, or
> only the Ruby ecosystem?

Interested? Yes! Do I have enough time to do it properly? I don't know.
I'm also interested in some of the tools from the CNCF landscape,
luckily shibumi already started packaging some of them. I don't know yet
with how many dependencies I end up with, if the Puppet tools are
properly packaged. If there is spare time left I'm happy to also
maintain other packages.

Cheers, Tim

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