[aur-general] Strange pikaur behaviour

Peter Nabbefeld peter.nabbefeld at gmx.de
Sun Aug 1 14:07:47 UTC 2021


I'm currently trying to build meshroom-git. I removed the old
installation to replace alembic-qfix by community/alembic, and I'm able
to build meshroom-git (with some problems).

1. For installation, I use "pikaur -Sa meshroom-git".
2. pikaur tells me about missing alembic-qfix, though latest PKGBUILD
does not refer to it as a dependency.
3. I can only build meshroom-git after making some change
(commenting/uncommenting a print instruction).
4. When I try again, I'm again told about dependency alembic-qfix not
found in AUR.

Also, when building meshroom-git, two outdated dependencies are built
first and removed after the build.

Obviously, there's still an earlier version of PKGBUILD located
somewhere which is not deleted (and I don't know where to find it, as
removing ~/.local/share/pikaur/aur_repos/meshroom-git and
~/.cache/pikaur/{build,pkg}/meshroom-git does not seem to be enough).

Any idea?

Kind regards,

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