[aur-general] problem with yt-dlp package.

Alexander Epaneshnikov alex19ep at archlinux.org
Wed Oct 27 15:47:10 UTC 2021

On Wed, Oct 27, 2021 at 09:46:29AM +0000, zoorat via aur-general wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I'm the maintainer of python-spotdl. and my package needs `yt-dlp` as a dependency.
> but, as the AUR/yt-dlp got deleted, I got into a problem.
> I am not a python programmer, so I might be wrong...
> but what I found after testing my program needs files of `/usr/lib/python3.9/site-packages/yt_dlp/` folder.
> but,
> community/yt-dlp package dose not have files of `/usr/lib/python3.9/site-packages/yt_dlp/` folder. It only contains the binary to be used by the terminal. so it can not work as a dependency.
> And AUR/youtube-dlp-bin is the same. only the binary.
> And there is AUR/yt-dlp-git which have `/usr/lib/python3.9/site-packages/yt_dlp/` folder with all the files needs to be a dependency but it is a git package...

can you try 2021.10.22-3 version of yt-dlp?

Sincerely, Alexander | Trusted User
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