[aur-general] Want A Comaintainer For Your Project?

Kevin Morris kevr at 0cost.org
Mon Sep 13 21:49:54 UTC 2021

Hello AUR users,

My name is Kevin Morris, also known as kevr. I've been getting
interested in possibly helping out more with packages in general.

I do not own too many in the AUR myself. Most of them are scripts
that I developed and wanted to share with the community.

My AUR Packages:

- python-paginate
- sprunge
- sprunge-git
- hastebin
- hastebin-git
- multiwatch

I do want to help with more, but most of the things I can think of to
add into the AUR already exist. So, I'd like to offer to any maintainers
out there who may be interested:

If you would like a comaintainer on your package, I am willing to take
on that responsibility, as long as it is a package I am comfortable
working on. This includes, in general, back-end (non-gui) packages --
especially packages which may serve as some sort of server. API,
websites, web frameworks, libraries, and so on. But, I may be open to
other kinds of packages as well -- the non-gui would just make testing
and verification more simple for me.

I definitely have more to learn each day, but I do have a pretty good
understanding of the PKGBUILD format and build process as it is; enough
that I can package things correctly (I believe; feedback on my current
packages is welcome, of course).

You can reply here or contact me personally if you wish. Thank you for
your time, and thanks for being a part of sharing software with the
world. I hope that I can be of some service.


Kevin Morris
Software Developer

 - kevr @ Libera
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