[aur-general] Why were my packages gtkwrite, gtkwrite-git, and gtkate deleted from AUR? (Tinu Weber)

zoorat zoorat at protonmail.com
Tue Sep 14 07:15:13 UTC 2021

Hi Tinu,

In the last mail, I tried to explain the reasons behind my deletion request message,

where I should have sent this one. sorry.

> Was there any comment or anything to let the maintainer know about the issue? Filing a deletion request right away seems a little harsh.

sorry about that. From now on, I will let the submitter know first, then submit a deletion request. How long I should wait tho??

> If there *was* an upstream release, why not simply use the "out of date" flag?

No. The last commit was on "May 29, 2019" and the last release was on "Feb 26, 2019".

> Is there a need to constantly "update" PKGBUILDs? What about software that doesn't see upstream releases very often?

I added this part to show "it's kinda dead". Nothing serious.

> Of course if there is an issue for over 2 years, that's another thing. But again, was the author previously notified about the issue at all (e.g. via AUR comment)?

there was nothing anywhere. no comment, no vote, no out of date.

I would have added that comment and out-of-date note, if there was any.

ok, let me tell you what I did before submitting the request...

1. when I tried to build with default, it failed.

2. I changed "gtksourceview2" to "gtksourceview3" and "gtksourceview4", build failed.

3. then I went to https://github.com/drankinatty/gtkwrite to try building but the first paragraph said...

> A small fast standalone text editor written in C using Gtk+2 and optionally GtkSourceView2 to provide syntax highlighting...

you need "gtksourceview".

> The editor can be compiled with or without GtkSourceView. Without GtkSourceView it will compile as gtkedit.

it's gtkwrite we are talking about.

> With GtkSourceView it compiles as gtkwrite (requires GtkSourceView 2.x).

and you need "gtksourceview2" and only v2 to build gtkwrite.

we need that app's code to be updated or "gtksourceview2" package alive again.

after getting no hope of fixing the PKGBUILD, I submit that deletion request.

I hope it's not a mistake.

ps, what else I should do to avoid wrong requests ??



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