[aur-general] Question about AUR submission rules

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Wed Sep 22 18:37:23 UTC 2021


I maintain the ungoogled-chromium packaging for Arch Linux as an officially
supported platform. As a quick overview, ungoogled-chromium is a set of
patches that aims to remove all dependencies on Google services from 

Compiling Chromium is a quite resource and time intensive task, which is why
I use both Open Build Service and GitHub Actions for offering binary 
As the packing is Arch Linux specific, both build systems produce a package
archive for pacman.

A highly requested feature by users is to offer such a binary release in the
AUR as it is more convenient for them compared to adding a custom repository
for example.

In the past there were already ungoogled-chromium-bin packages in the AUR,
usually submitted by people not affiliated with the project and removed for
some reason at some point in time. The most recent one would download a
pacman package from an OBS repository and install it by extracting files

In the delete request removing this last package (#19142) it was stated that
"the AUR is not intended to provide an index for PKGBUILDs that 
repackage the
build package originally created by another PKGBUILD". While I 
understand that
the AUR would want to avoid to just include repackaged entries like 
that, I am
now wondering what the best way to offer a binary package in the AUR 
would be
in my situation.

Building Chromium separately into a non makepkg archive just for the AUR on
GitHub Actions for example seems wasteful and would defeat the way package
checksums are currently handled, as such making it harder for end users to
quickly verify that the binary an AUR helper for example would download is

I tried looking for a rule that explicitly states the mentioned repackaging
restrictions, but I was unable to find one. I have also found another AUR
package which is normally available that repackages a pkg.tar.zst 

Thank your for taking the time to reading, I hope it will be possible to 
find a
way to submit ungoogled-chromium-bin properly.

Kind regards,

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