[aur-general] request to make a -libs package

Uwe Koloska kolewu at koloro.de
Sun Feb 6 13:51:10 UTC 2022

Am 06.02.22 um 13:59 schrieb Sam Mulvey via aur-general:
> On 2/6/22 04:46, Morten Linderud via aur-general wrote:
>> Arch doesn't split off libraries and development headers into seperate 
>> packages
>> and this is a feature. There are few exceptions to this but generally I
>> don't think there is anything written about this.
> I understand this is not something generally done.   It is why I am 
> asking for guidance when it is requested.

But wasn't the request about splitting off the library part from a 
bigger package that contains all about xen? So that there is a xen-lib 
split-package and the rest, so that everyone providing services for xen, 
could be build with only the xen-lib package as a requirement and don't 
hast to pull in the whole xen-package just for building?


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