[aur-general] AUR v6.0.8 Status Update

Kevin Morris kevr at 0cost.org
Wed Feb 9 02:35:52 UTC 2022

Hi AURers,

I've got a bit of a status update for all of you users regarding the
state of the newly released >= v6.0.0 aurweb.

It took a matter of days to get several quirks worked out, which were
a result of a few reasons:
- AUR historical database state not seen on local systems which the
port was developed on
- Unhandled cases
- Problematic code

We're now at v6.0.8, which contains fixes to all but one issue that
we've come across. The issue will be described below.

Remaining issue (RPC): In very rare occurrencies, a Redis transaction
regarding the the current request count used to determine a user's
ratelimiting incorrectly returns nothing, leading to an internal server
error. While I believe this is quite a serious issue and am working to
resolve it, this has been seen one time so far and every person and
project I've communicated with and assessed has not run into the
problem. It has not been a simple reproduction thus far, and so there
is no solution just yet.

Other than the issue listed above, there is one "issue" that is
out of our control. When users search /packages with illegal characters
(from uvicorn's standpoint), uvicorn returns a 502 and dumps a traceback
regarding the issue. There is an issue up in their repository about it.
Standard users should not see this.

I will be keeping this thread up to date regarding the RPC ratelimit
issue we've observed.

If you've got bugs to file, go ahead and file a Bug issue at

Thanks to everybody who's helped filling out bug reports, triaging and
updating tasks on bugs.archlinux.org, or communicating issues to me
directly. This has massively assisted this initial hurdle, and I owe
you all one.


Kevin Morris
Software & Linux Enthusiast
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