[aur-general] ungoogled-chromium-bin package submission

networkException arch at nwex.de
Fri Jul 1 08:18:23 UTC 2022


I maintain / administer the ungoogled-chromium project and its Arch 
Linux packaging.

Last year I asked[1] about the submission rules for an 
ungoogled-chromium-bin package as previous packages have all been 
removed. Since then our GitHub Actions workflow for releases has been 
adjusted to hopefully comply with the requirements[2].

At the moment updates will be handled manually by me but the code for 
automating this already exists.

Now it has come to my attention that the ungoogled-chromium-bin package 
is blacklisted due contentious violations by people not affiliated with 
the project itself. Would it be possible to remove this blacklist entry 
to be able to submit our binaries? I imagine that providing an official 
package will also stop people submitting packages with workaround names.

Kind regards,

1: The previous conversation regarding this topic

2: The commit updated our release workflow

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