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I currently have two machines - one desktop, which I use for most of my work, and one significantly less powerful laptop that I'm typing this email from. Both of these machines are currently running EndeavourOS, and not vanilla Arch Linux. I chose Endeavour initially because I wanted something very close to upstream Arch, using upstream repositories, but with a curated set of packages on install.

While I would like to keep one of my machines running Endeavour so I can help with the Budgie experience on that distribution as well, I am not opposed to converting my laptop to vanilla Arch if that's something that would be requested of me upon becoming a TU. I see the value in having pure Arch installed as a testing and validation platform.

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> Just to highlight the obvious,
> On 25/07/2022 14:57, Campbell Jones via aur-general wrote:
> > I elected to install EndeavourOS as a way of getting a somewhat curated experience on Arch.
> -snip-> Though I haven't been on Arch for long
> Are you running EndeavourOS, or Arch? ;P
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