[aur-requests] [PRQ#2407] Request Rejected

Muflone webreg at vbsimple.net
Wed Mar 4 10:56:56 UTC 2015


> The request was a potential merge of ptscotch-openmpi to scotch.
> Would the packages openfoam* be really broken? ptscotch-openmpi is
> provided by scotch (it's in the "provides" list)...

in such case it wouldn't be "broken" but as far I remember the AUR
helpers cannot find the right dependencies based on provides .
Therefore the package openfoam wouldn't be BROKEN but during the install
phase it **should** claim about some unsolved dependencies and will
refuse to build.

> I brought up this issue in aur-general a month ago. kragacles (of
> openfoam) and jedbrown (of ptscotch-openmpi) seemed to agree.

Maybe I missed (and I cannot find in the archives) the aur-general
discussion where the maintainers would abandon their packages in favour
of yours, agreeing to the merge, so please send us a link where I can
see the whole discussion.


Fabio Castelli aka Muflone

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