[aur-requests] [PRQ#4261] Deletion Request for slack-desktop

Óscar García Amor ogarcia at moire.org
Fri Oct 30 16:17:24 UTC 2015

2015-10-30 16:37 GMT+01:00 Doug Newgard <scimmia at archlinux.info>:

> I disagree. It's called Slack for Fedora [1], Windows [2], MacOSX[3], iOS[4],
> Android[5], and Windows Phone[6]. Just because they renamed it for Debian to
> avoid a name collision does not make it the canonical name. Even if it were the
> case, that doesn't change the fact that it's a duplicate.

We have here the same name-collision problem.

Note that I'm not disagreeing with you, the packages slack-desktop,
slack-chat and slack-bin are duplicates one of another. The only thing
I say is that "more right" the name of slack-desktop, but I'm not the
one who make the final decision.

>> >
>> > 2. [..] If there's a problem, notify the
>> > maintainer to fix it.
>> Sorry for that but I write all PKGBUILD from scratch. Is true that
>> there are similar commands. A find or tar is a find or tar. I not have
>> problems with mentions and I push a new pkgbuid with it.
> The exact same command, with the exact same syntax, in the exact same order,
> with the exact same spacing. Whatever.

I do not know why you think that is so unusual. Anyway we don't become
obsessed with this.

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