[aur-requests] [PRQ#8874] Deletion Request for firefox-dev

John D Jones III jnbek1972 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 20:46:30 UTC 2017

On 8/30/17 14:32, Denys Vitali wrote:
> If the package needs to be deleted, go on. Do it.
> If we have to fill up a mailing list just for this, it would be better 
> to just delete the package.
> The package was reuploaded automatically, because I dindn't turn off the 
> auto-maintainer once the first package deletion happened.
> I then stopped once the package was deleted for the second time.
> I proceeded to add the package again when I noticed that jnbek 
> <https://aur.archlinux.org/account/jnbek> was one version behind, 
> despite the numerous complains about the package not being updated.
> Look, if you guys don't want an automatically updated package, it's 
> okay. I'm not getting paid from nobody to keep it up and running.
> My only goal was to provide a reliable AUR package for the Firefox 
> Developer Edition - I never intended to break any rule, nor to turn the 
> whole AUR community against me.
> It is up to you, the sources for the auto-maintainer are here 
> <https://github.com/denysvitali/aur-firefox-dev-automaintainer>, the 
> package itself is reliable.
> Sure, in the an "hands on check to ensure everything went well" before 
> publishing it is not performed (because yeah, it is automaintained), but 
> in 36 releases I never really needed to do anything, and there was no 
> problem at all.
> I guess the choice now is the following:
> 1) Keep firefox-dev and merge it into firefox-developer
> 2) Delete firefox-dev, keep firefox-developer and hope the new 
> maintainer provides a release as soon as it comes out
> 3) Delete firefox-developer and change the way the releases are rolled out
> 4) Keep everything as is, and let the user choose if they want rolling 
> out releases, or a more "stable" approach
> 5) ???
> Please note that `firefox-dev-ru` follows my same principle, and also 
> note that by searching for firefox-dev* 
> <https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?O=0&K=firefox-dev> half of the 
> results are packages that aren't updated.
> Keep also in mind that now the firefox-developer package has got a new 
> maintainer, but has been updated to the newest 57.0a1.20170830-1 
> version, which isn't officially rolled out yet.
> I hope this message explains my reasons behind the choices of the 
> firefox-dev package - I was (and still am) just trying to improve the 
> Firefox Developer AUR experience.
> On 30. 08. 17 19:31, John D Jones III wrote:

Thank you for the clarification Denys. I respect and appreciate your 
passion for wanting the firefox-developer PKGBUILD to be the best it can 
be. As for my abrupt cessation of daily updates to the package, between 
the two major spinal surgeries then the failure of not one, not two, but 
three build servers in a 3 week period ( old hardware/drives collected 
from my day job's out of warranty pile ) made maintaining 
firefox-developer no longer feasible, which is why I went ahead and 
orphaned the pkg so someone with more time and a nice working system 
could resume updates.

That said, what I propose is, since firefox-developer is closest to the 
correct naming convention set by both AUR and Mozilla, I propose we 
merge denvit's firefox-dev into firefox-developer and see how the new 
maintainer does with it.

Lastly, as for the rest of my pkgbuilds, I'm building my AUR server on a 
dedicated hosting platform, let them screw with worrying about drives, 
hardware, yadda yadda and I hope to have it working this weekend. I've 
grown tired of hosting as many services at home as I currently do... 
(cross y'all's fingers yo )

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