[aur-requests] [PRQ#8874] Deletion Request for firefox-dev

John D Jones III unixgeek1972 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 20:48:44 UTC 2017

I meant to send the below message using this account as to get this onto 
the list, but I sent it from my personal account, not my mailing list 
account. AUR TU's please find my message and suggestions below:

On 8/30/17 14:46, John D Jones III wrote:
> Thank you for the clarification Denys. I respect and appreciate your 
> passion for wanting the firefox-developer PKGBUILD to be the best it can 
> be. As for my abrupt cessation of daily updates to the package, between 
> the two major spinal surgeries then the failure of not one, not two, but 
> three build servers in a 3 week period ( old hardware/drives collected 
> from my day job's out of warranty pile ) made maintaining 
> firefox-developer no longer feasible, which is why I went ahead and 
> orphaned the pkg so someone with more time and a nice working system 
> could resume updates.
> That said, what I propose is, since firefox-developer is closest to the 
> correct naming convention set by both AUR and Mozilla, I propose we 
> merge denvit's firefox-dev into firefox-developer and see how the new 
> maintainer does with it.
> Lastly, as for the rest of my pkgbuilds, I'm building my AUR server on a 
> dedicated hosting platform, let them screw with worrying about drives, 
> hardware, yadda yadda and I hope to have it working this weekend. I've 
> grown tired of hosting as many services at home as I currently do... 
> (cross y'all's fingers yo )

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