[aur-requests] [PRQ#13078] Deletion Request for tails-iso

Ryan Petris ryan at petris.net
Sun Oct 28 01:56:07 UTC 2018

> You don't need to download a new copy every month or so.
> The ISO just provides a bootable squashfs image with a pacman binary,
> and in fact our official installation guide takes some pain to inform
> you that you can install Arch to bare metal using the bootstrap
> image,
> or using the pacman packages provided by Fedora and Gentoo!
> The devtools package has scripts to automatically install systemd-
> nspawn
> containers if the host is Arch Linux -- or at leas contains a working
> pacman installation and the Arch Linux keyring. We use this script to
> build packages.
> We also provide official docker containers as well as vagrant images,
> under the "archlinux" namespaces.
> If you're updating manually *anyway*, this package does nothing --
> and
> there's better ways that even let you update automatically by *not*
> using AUR packages.
> -- 
> Eli Schwartz
> Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

I'm sure there are many, many ways to install/use Arch, however that
doesn't change that I want/need the up-to-date iso.

Thank you for pointing these out though.

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