[aur-requests] [PRQ#13078] Deletion Request for tails-iso

Muflone webreg at vbsimple.net
Sun Oct 28 01:56:44 UTC 2018


> It's still an iso that could be downloaded by the user when needed
> instead of automatically updating via pacman...

virtualbox-guest-iso is an extension of the VirtualBox software included 
in the official repositories, not a random ISO that could be downloaded 

>> While even the grml-iso could be considered unuseful, at least it
>> aims
>> to install it into the grub2 menu (using the grml-rescueboot
>> package).
> So what you're saying is that if I add another package to add the tails
> and the archlinux iso to the grub menu, then these packages would be
> considered acceptable to you?

Never told that, even the grml-iso could be considered unuseful, but 
less unuseful that a completely unrelated to the system ISO file like 
archlinux-iso and tails-iso.

> I use the arch iso for various purposes in virtual machines, and
> dislike having to download a new version manually every month or so. I
> also use tails occasionally in a VM. I would love if they just updated
> automatically. By making this package, I'll still have to effectively
> update manually, however my hope is to make this easier for others.

This sentence means nothing.
If sometimes you need a fresh copy of the Arch Linux ISO then you don't 
need an installed Arch Linux package for that.
Based on your illogical though we'll have packages in AUR for every 
possible downloadable file from internet, including many recipes for the 

A package must be useful to be uploaded in the AUR, not useful to you 
alone. I personally doubt you consider this thing useful, for you to 
update the package requires more work that simply download it using curl 
or wget. The package doesn't provide any other usage that simply 
download the file. This classifies the whole package like unuseful.

> I assume that's why the AUR policies were written to say "more than a
> few" rather than "everyone"; just because one person doesn't see a use
> for it doesn't mean it isn't useful by some. You obviously don't see a
> use for it, while I do.

You can tell you find this package useful for you all the times you want 
but this won't make these packages useful at all.

What is considered useful is software that users can use within their 
installation, not random data files to be used once for specific things, 
unrelated to the installed system.

Please refrain to upload these things to the AUR.

Best regards

Fabio Castelli aka Muflone

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