[aur-requests] Rename tidal-cli-client package

Tucker Boniface tucker at boniface.tech
Mon Sep 3 01:25:34 UTC 2018

On the package page you can submit a merge request. AFAIK you can't have 
users upgrade from the old package to the new package, but you could add 
a replaces=(tidal-cli-client) line so when users install the new 
package, the old one is removed.

On 9/2/18 2:44 PM, Jan Okoński via aur-requests wrote:
> Hello,
> I wanted to rename my package from tidal-cli-client to
> tidal-cli-client-git. I have created tidal-cli-client-git package, but the
> first package already has some comments and votes, so could you merge it or
> something like that and remove tidal-cli-client? Also, is it possible for
> current users to update to the new-named package?
> Thanks, John.

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