[aur-requests] [PRQ#17024] Deletion Request for backupchecker Accepted

Muflone muflone at archlinux.org
Thu Dec 19 01:03:06 UTC 2019

Hi Philip

> Hi,
> Why was this package deleted? I see no actual deletion request on
> aur-requests, and no comments or explanation, just a sudden deletion.
> Thanks,

A deletion request for package backupchecker was filed on 2019-12-16
13:48 by the AUR user dncrash with the following reason:

"Package seems to be dead. The github is completely gone so the sources
can't be downloaded. I think their website was backupcheckerproject.org
and that's also dead."

The package was removed accordingly to the deletion request as the
sources are not available anymore.

For a reason unknown to me, the deletion email seems not sent [1] to the
aur-requests lists but it was visible on the AUR requests administration

Feel free to resubmit the package again if you want to maintain it and
the sources are still available somewhere. You could simply clone the
AUR package, the old package is still there with its whole history, it's
only not visible in the AUR webpage anymore.

Best regards


Fabio Castelli aka Muflone

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