[aur-requests] [PRQ#27155] Orphan Request for python-fontpens

Caleb Maclennan caleb at alerque.com
Mon Jul 19 23:02:04 UTC 2021

On 2021-07-20 01:33, Guillaume Horel wrote:

> Nobody forces you to build the tests! I know that you know that.

Of course, but they are enabled by default for all tooling for 
everybody, so that makes the packages broken for everybody by default. 
Many people besides me have run into this on these packages.

> There are various ways to do it depending on the tool that you use to 
> build the packages, but the easiest being just to disable them in 
> makepkg.conf.

This is not something I want on my systems by default nor should we 
recommend to others as a work around for broken packages. I've commented 
to help other users on at least 3 of these packages suggesting how they 
can run `makepkg --nocheck`, but again this shouldn't have be something 
everybody has to figure out.

> If your fix is to just disable the tests in the PKGBUILD, I'm sorry but 
> that's not a fix, and I haven't seen you suggest anything better in the 
> AUR message board.



to the PKGBUILDS is one way to make it work, but we'd have to check the 
etiquette of that first. I have it in some of my forks that way but I 
wouldn't send it to the AUR‌ without checking.

In the mean time I have suggested disabling tests on at least one of the 
set of circular dependencies. None of the test suites are really that 
useful anyway since they are upstream regression and integration tests. 
It's okay to run this in package builds when they work but since they 
don't really test the packaging very well (and that could be done other 
ways if desired) it really isn't that important to have them enabled. 
The experience for people trying to break into the loop when all the 
packages actually would work but they can't build them is terrible.

> The drive by orphan request is very mature. Thanks for ruining my 
> evening.

I'm sorry about your evening, but it's not exactly a drive by set of 
requests. I've been sending patches to since at least February 2020 and 
commenting constantly since — and maintaining my own forks on the side 
of a whole set of things I needed as dependencies since my fixes were 
not getting applied. I'm tired of both maintaining my own forks that 
build *and* helping other users with broken AUR packages. I'd like to 
just fix the AUR ones so they are a good experience for everyone. Is 
that so disagreeable?


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