[pacman-contrib] desc/.PKGINFO files: I need help to understand the values of some variables

Anna Ivanova kalterfx at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 21:39:15 UTC 2017

Hi community,

I'm developing the tool -- simple script relating to local pacman
database. This tool, among other things, need to translate the desc
file format (these files are located in a local pacman database) to the
.PKGINFO file format (these files are located in a .tar package files).

I have the list of all variables that are used in the first and second
file formats -- I've tried them all to relate, and I got this:

 - %ARCH% --> arch
 - %BASE% --> pkgbase
 - %BUILDDATE% --> builddate
 - %CONFLICTS% --> conflict
 - %DEPENDS% --> depend
 - %DESC% --> pkgdesc
 - %GROUPS% --> group
 - %LICENSE% --> license
 - %NAME% --> pkgname
 - %OPTDEPENDS% --> optdepend
 - %PACKAGER% --> packager
 - %PROVIDES% --> provides
 - %REPLACES% --> replaces
 - %SIZE% --> size
 - %URL% --> url
 - %VERSION% --> pkgver


 - backup
 - checkdepend
 - makedepend
 - makepkgopt

As you may saw, I wasn't able to correlate it all and I need some help.
I know nothing about '%REASON%', 'checkdepend', 'makepkgopt' and why
there's no 'makedepend' in desc files (or is there?).

Would you give me some information about or manual to it all? It would
be really great for me.

Also I want to contribute to arch projects later, where can I get some
information about?

Anna Ivanova
+7 (999) 105-20-48
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