[pacman-contrib] desc/.PKGINFO files: I need help to understand the values of some variables

Johannes Löthberg johannes at kyriasis.com
Tue Jan 24 11:43:02 UTC 2017

On 21/01, Anna Ivanova wrote:

The install date is.. the date of installation.  It by definition can't 
appear in the .PKGINFO

> - %REASON%

The reason it was installed, so whether someone installed it directly, 
or if it was pulled in as dependency.


How the package file was validated before installing.  In the case of 
Arch Linux all packages are PGP signed.

> - backup
> - checkdepend
> - makedepend

All of these are documented in the PKGBUILD(5) manpage, and they don't 
have any use for pacman once installed, so they no reason to put them in 
the desc file.

> - makepkgopt

Doesn't seem to currently be used, but would in a theoretical future be 
used to store the options makepkg were run with.

>As you may saw, I wasn't able to correlate it all and I need some help.
>I know nothing about '%REASON%', 'checkdepend', 'makepkgopt' and why
>there's no 'makedepend' in desc files (or is there?).
>Would you give me some information about or manual to it all? It would
>be really great for me.
>Also I want to contribute to arch projects later, where can I get some
>information about?

Depends on the project.  A lot of the work is done through 
arch-projects@, others have their own MLs.

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