Ideas for new functionality in pacdiff

Johannes Löthberg johannes at
Mon Oct 5 16:59:58 UTC 2020


Excerpts from John A. Leuenhagen's message of September 29, 2020 5:11:
> Currently, before pacdiff asks for the user's choice of action, it will 
> compare the original file to the pacfile. If the files are identical, it 
> will delete the pacfile. My idea is to perform this check after the user 
> views the diff. This way, the user may merge all changes with their 
> DIFFPROG, and the pacfile will automatically be deleted when they close 
> their editor. If the files still differ, functionality would remain the 
> same as it is currently.

Sure, that makes sense.

> The second idea is simply a way to swap the sides that the files appear 
> on in DIFFPROG. Personally, I would prefer having the pacfile on the 
> right, but it is currently on the left. Having an argument for this 
> seems reasonable to me.

I'm not so sure about this however.  Since the pacnew is the current 
packaged state, the actual file is the one that differs from the default 
state, so I believe that the current order overall makes more semantic 

If more people show interest in having the other order available, we 
could add an option for it however.

  Johannes Löthberg :: SA0DEM
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