[pacman-dev] [PATCH] pacman-lib and libarchive integration instead of libtar

Christian Hamar krics at linuxforum.hu
Sat Oct 22 08:04:18 EDT 2005

> The idea looks really nice, and I certainly don't mind to see libarchive 
> replacing libtar, but IMHO, it is not the right moment to do so.
> My point is that there are still lots of things to be achieved before 
> releasing the library, and adding new features to it is certainly not 
> the priority right now.

I agree your points. But i think this libarchive thing isn't a new
feature. It is just a replacement for an old library (libtar). 

As in the TODO there is an entry to integrate libtar to CVS, because it
isn't activly developed. By the way with libarchive not need any
integration. And as i see, this libtar->libarchive replacement will be
good if we can do this before pacman-lib release.


Christian Hamar alias krix

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