[pacman-dev] required by relation

Sergej Pupykin ps at lx-ltd.ru
Thu Aug 3 07:24:03 EDT 2006

 V> before the upgrade you can't run ldd or other tools to determine if
 V> there will be problems or not. so what pacman could do is to check the
 V> system after an upgrade and print out what's broken, so that you'll know
 V> right after the upgrade, not when you want to start a particular
 V> application

 V> but still, that "trivial oneliner" would be interesting, for example
 V> it's normal that ldd reports several apps as broken as long as they have
 V> a wrapper script to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and of course it's not allowed
 V> to hardwirte them in a oneliner.. :)

I mean following:

I know that openssl is "versioned lib" and all apps linked with
libopenssl.so.0.9.7 for example.

I do pacman -Sy --update-pkgs-which-depends-on openssl.

Pacman watch into its database and find all packages that depends on
openssl and ask me to update for example.

No ldd or other required. Only pacman and its db.

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