[pacman-dev] patch for makepkg bug #3289

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 12:34:34 EST 2006

http://bugs.archlinux.org/task/3289 is the ftp status bug, I took the
idea from the patch that was sitting there and updated it a bit and
made it work for this version of makepkg. No promises that the patch
applies smoothly, I have a lot of local changes to my makepkg...


P.S. Aaron, when you apply these, you can take my comments out with my
name, I don't really need or want the credit for each little change.
I'm fine with just being an additional author in the authors list. I
just figured I would at least put a comment in referencing the bug it
fixed for clarity now and this can be cleaned up later.

RCS file: /home/cvs-pacman/pacman-lib/scripts/makepkg,v
retrieving revision 1.19
diff -u -r1.19 makepkg
--- makepkg	14 Dec 2006 05:23:08 -0000	1.19
+++ makepkg	18 Dec 2006 06:40:11 -0000
@@ -568,7 +576,10 @@
 		msg "    Downloading $file"
 		$FTPAGENT "$netfile" 2>&1
-		if [ ! -f "$file" ]; then
-			error "Failed to download $file"
+		# fix flyspray bug #3289 - Dan McGee <dpmcgee at gmail.com>
+		ftpret=$?
+		if [ $ftpret -gt 0 ]; then
+			error "Failure while downloading $file"
 			msg "Aborting..."
+			rm "$file"
 			exit 1

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