[pacman-dev] anoter "user vs. sudo" issue

Alessio 'mOLOk' Bolognino themolok.ml at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 17:33:19 EST 2006

On 00:08 Fri 22 Dec     , Roman Kyrylych wrote:
> I'm thinking about why abs should be run as root currently?
> I don't see the point for this. :-/
> Why not make it behave like makepkg - to be run as ordinary user and
> store everything in his home dir (or another dir, configurable)?
> What do you think?

Actually, all my /var/abs tree is owned by my user (not root), so I agree
with you Roman. We could create a group named "abs" and assign it the
ownership of the /var/abs tree, wouldn't this solve the issue?

Alessio 'mOLOk' Bolognino
Arch Linux Trusted User & Package Maintainer

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