[pacman-dev] internationalized package descriptions?

Maksim Sipos maxsipos at gmail.com
Thu May 18 20:04:52 EDT 2006


I've been interested in i18n support for the upcoming pacman. I've
noticed patches on the subject of gettext support and all that and I
think that is wonderful!

Now I'm thinking how it would be feasible to implement localized
package descriptions. I am imagining something like pkgdesc_xx fields
(xx being the language codes) in PKGBUILD scripts, and smart pacman
frontends that would show the translated description string based on
the users locale, if it is available (otherwise, show the english

Now, before I start hacking at the code, I would like to see what
others think of the idea, and potential ways of designing it. I'm also
interested in knowing how well adding fields like this would play out
in pacman's database. I think it would be really cool if pacman had
this feature :).


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