[pacman-dev] config handling

Xavier Chantry x.chantry at wanadoo.fr
Fri May 26 18:13:45 EDT 2006

On Sat, May 27, 2006 at 12:40:02AM +0300, ????? ??????? wrote:
> When file is in NoUpgrade list Pacman should do it's XYZ logic with
> one important change - it should NEVER overwrite any file listed in
> NoUpgrade.

That's what I did.

> By default there should be NO NoUpgrade list in pacman.conf.
> There is no point to include any _config_ file in NoUpgrade, _only
> modified system shell scripts_ should be included there (for some rare
> cases when user modifies them).

I agree.

> When package that owns file listed in NoUpgrade is removed - this file
> should be saved as .pacsave.

Yep, but I was asking about the current pacman behavior, 
since I couldn't try it.
Having a second look at the code, it finally seems it's already 
what happens, so it's fine.

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