[pacman-dev] config handling

Роман Кирилич roman.kyrylych at gmail.com
Fri May 26 17:40:02 EDT 2006

When file is in NoUpgrade list Pacman should do it's XYZ logic with
one important change - it should NEVER overwrite any file listed in
By default there should be NO NoUpgrade list in pacman.conf.
There is no point to include any _config_ file in NoUpgrade, _only
modified system shell scripts_ should be included there (for some rare
cases when user modifies them).
When package that owns file listed in NoUpgrade is removed - this file
should be saved as .pacsave.

2006/5/26, Xavier Chantry <x.chantry at wanadoo.fr>:
> On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 07:01:29PM +0300, ????? ??????? wrote:
> > rc.sysinit? Well, I thought that only config files should be added to
> > backup array.
> > System shell scripts should not. It is better to use NoUpgrade for them.
> > You cannot add all system shell scripts to backup array, but any of
> > them can be modified by user.
> > User modifies such files in rare situations, so placing all of them in
> > backup array is bad idea;
> > placing only some of them produces problem - how to decide which to
> > place in backup array and which don't?
> > So, IMO it is better to leave things as they are now - use backup
> > array for all config files + XYZ logic, and use NoUpgrade if user
> > modifies some system shell scripts.
> >
> Ok I see your point. So should pacman ignore config files in NoUpgrade?
> or disallow them?
> or should these files be handled specifically (that's what my patch does) ?
> Something will have to change in order to fix the problem you reported.
> Btw, what happen if you remove the package containing the script you edited?
> For config files, it should save them as .pacsave by default
> (unless you use the --nosave option).
> But I guess your edited scripts will be removed. Is this fine?
> (actually, I didn't even try, so I'm not 100% sure about this behavior)
> The whole backup stuff is about avoiding to lose custom changes.
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